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MTAA CEO Richard Dudley and APRAA National Chairman Dale Imlach attended the 76th annual Auto Recyclers Association (ARA) of the United States Convention in the United States.

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Discussions and negotiations continued with the ARA in strengthening an alliance between MTAA /APRAA and ARA to gain access to ARA’s learning university and data hub for recycling members of MTAA’s Members. Once finalised MTAA Member recycling constituents will be able to access courses and training materials as well as technical data and information secured by ARA.

Another outcome by MTAA and APRAA was to secure further country signatories to the global auto recycling association Memorandum of Cooperation. Brazil, Poland, Canada, the United Kingdom all signing the agreement at the convention. Japan and New Zealand have also joined Australia and Malaysia and the United States assignatories.

The MoC will enable increased collaboration cooperation and information sharing between all participating auto recycling associations and work is now underway for the updating of an existing website to include information, technical data, policies and advocacy positions as marketing materials from all participating countries for the use of associations and their members.

APRAA members will also be able to take advantage of two specific work projects underway and announced at the convention including a database for safe vehicle battery removal and destruction processes for all models sold in the UK USA and Australia and a replacement for the NSF Certification program currently being prepared by ARA and the Vehicle Recyclers Association (VRA) of the UK.

Incoming and newly elected ARA President Chad Counselman said that he is proud that the convention provided the opportunity for more professional automotive recycling organisations to sign the important document.

“As the voice of the professional automotive recycling industry, ARA is very encouraged by the engagement within this community of international auto recyclers and association professionals.

“Despite our geographical distances, we all share common interests and issues and I look forward to continuing the information sharing and further collaboration,” he said.

Work is now underway by signatory countries to get other European, South East Asian and the Indian Auto Recycling Associations to join and provide a global united voice on auto recycling issues.

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