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In September 2017, MTAA provided the ACCC with an in-depth submission highlighting the concerns of MTAA’s member associations and their business members to the ACCC’s New Car Retailing Market Study Interim Report. It also highlighted a number of recommendations for input into the final report due later in 2017

MTAA generally agreed with the focus of the Interim Report on the areas of consumer guarantees and warranties; accessing technical information to service and repair new cars; parts supply; fuel consumption and emissions; and telematics. MTAA also supported suggested actions and recommendations designed to improve consumer awareness, understanding and education of consumer guarantees and manufacturer warranties. Furthermore, MTAA welcomed the draft recommendation and actions that assures a mandated process for access to technical information.

However, MTAA believes the Interim Report has failed to adequately or satisfactorily ‘unpack’ the relationship between motor vehicle manufacturers and their distributors and retail dealers, and dealership agreements.

MTAA also advocated for more investigation to understand the business relationships between insurers and motor body repairers.

Please follow the link below to access MTAA’s submission to the ACCC New Car Retailing Industry Market Study Interim Report September 2017  Download .pdf

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